After tucking into some tasty lunchtime treats the mermen casually checked out @ 1430, confident for an easy ride 130km up the highway to Allahabad.

A light drizzle soon turned into a long and overdue downpour. Conditions are ridiculous.




We encounter a major road block 10km from our destination and are forced to re route through 35km of unexpected twisty farm roads. Darkness quickly falls so the mermen strap on their head lamps and proceed cautiously with 3 pairs of eyes on the road ahead.

One awkward fall in a ditch later (it was only the back wheel thank goodness – and totally Vince’s fault for not spotting the hole!) we reach our hotel totally exhausted, wet and miserable in Allahabad.

Fortunately during our drive into town, we spot those famous golden arches for the first time since arriving in India and everything soon seems excellent again.

Bonus video of Vince making a funny noise.

We have 230km ride to Konpur today with a non accessible first gear. Our mermobile is in desperate need of some mer-maintenance.