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So finally got our act together and decided to go shopping for gear that would help us cope with the grueling urban jungle of rural India.

Vince, as seen here, is sporting a fashionable “i’m a tourist” vest and pink female camo pants.

Thankfully no one actually ended up purchasing anything, and we ended up spending the rest of the day choosing matching duffel bags and playing Street Fighter.

We are in the process of selecting underwear though

travel underwear.

Please provide comments on which briefs Scott should purchase



…sort of.  After months of enthusiastic (albeit beer-fueled) talk about getting started, followed by more drinking and a continued failure to start, it seems we are finally ready to get to work!  Through sheer will, Scott managed to piece together our brand new website (ta-da!), while Mayank planned our logistic approach by reducing his work productivity to almost zero. As for myself, well… I really haven’t done anything, thus I have decided to grace you with my linguistic prowess. Here goes.

First off – a bit about our trip. Come September, we three dashing (though admittedly horribly ill-equipped and unprepared) men will attempt to cross India in an undoubtedly shitty, three-wheeled rickshaw. We will travel from Shillong, Meghalaya to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, soaking up the sights, sampling the local delicacies, and without doubt, getting into a bit of trouble along the way.  With twenty other teams sprinting towards the finish line, I can guarantee there will be drama and quite a few chuckles on the way.  Keep a close eye on this blog, because it will be our chief means of broadcasting all the mayhem that ensues.

Yes, the site is amateur at best, but trust me – blood, sweat and tears were poured into it (we really had no idea what we were doing). Have a look around, enjoy the advanced features like our route map, charity page, and challenges page. Mmmm! And while you’re at it, why not donate some of your hard-earned cash to our charity,  ‘Frank Water’. But if simply being a good person isn’t appealing enough to you, we’ve made things a little more interesting: suggest a dastardly challenge for us to complete (along with your conditional donation amount), and watch us dance at your command! As we have zero means of checking whether you actually donate, if we do manage to complete your challenge, please play fair and reward us accordingly!

Kabhi alvida na kehna!