We received this email earlier today, which has us pooping our pantaloons:

“Firstly, and probably most importantly – there is a strike planned for THURSDAY 6TH SEPT. This means that there more than likely will be no movement on the roads whatsoever. Indeed, I’m being informed here in Shillong that it might not even be safe to walk. Now, before you begin making wet patches on your chair in fear (or excitement) – don’t worry too much. These things happen a lot up here and are very often a little over-dramatised. That said – there is a chance what with the RIOTS that are currently happening that things could get a little messy in places, and this should be taken very seriously. Check with well-informed local people when you arrive as to the current situation before trying to make any journeys.”


Nothing like a nice statewide strike and ethnic cleansing riots to spice up one’s day. Luckily The Mermen have been working hard at Vanda Boxing – hopefully our newly found Boxing and Muay Thai skills dont need to come in handy.

Please pray for us.

– Mayank The Dagon