Vincent gets Delhi belly, Scott enjoys some paan, and Mayank speaks Hindi.

After another horrible rain soaked drive from Allahabad to Kanpur, it was with much relief we checked into the hotel and met our hosts the Singh’s. With their help we were able to get our struggling rickshaw mended (at this point we had a punctured tire, no first, no second gear, and a cracked windshield).

Then it was onto an afternoon of errands and an interview with the Dainik Jargran! I have no idea what Mayank said but I guess it was satisfactory enough to get published!


We then followed this up with a local delicacy, paan. Scott really really liked it.


When the clock struck nine, things really got exciting. Welcomed into the Singh’s glorious in home bar we proceeded to enjoy another Indian delicacy, Old Monk. The results were predictable….





The following morning with great delight all parties felt most horrible. Myself being especially lucky not only being hungover but enjoying some cleansing Delhi belly. But as you already know, nothing can hold the mermen back, we are in Agra today, and off to see theTaj!