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After suffering the calamity of a broken piston, the mermen took the precarious night road to Jodhpur and were forced to avoid many a-cow – seriously, they sleep on the middle of the highway ‘roads’ at all hours of the night. We were reunited with our mermaid Keiko San

To celebrate the end of our horrible day, we finished an unopened bottle of India’s finest Whiskey. Suffice to say we had a very late start the next day, but decided to visit Jodphur’s Mehrangarh Fort (The Dark Knight Returns was filmed here) – which was something out of Lord of the Rings.

My personal highlight of this trip were the taxi drivers outside the fort who berated Vince and kept saying he looked like Jackie Chan.

Another late start led to another night drive, this time pasts throngs of devotees, walking hundreds of miles in the desert towards a temple.

We finally arrived to our desert palace resort which was eerily empty – think The Shining meets Buckingham Palace.

We celebrated the end of our journey by quickly disposing the hotel of most of its Gin.

In true mermen form, we accidentally stumbled on the Victory Parade for all the Rickshaw Run participants, while sightseeing – we quickly snaked into the parade as if we knew about it all along.

Within a matter of minutes, it started to dawn on us that our adventure was over, 3 weeks of harsh roads, friendly people, freezing rain, wild dogs, sleeping cows and excellent food came to an end. Feelings of acomplishment mixed with sadness that we would have to return to our day jobs – luckily we had an after party to look forward to.

The next day we bid India adieu, the adventure only lasted 3 weeks, but the memories will last forever.

– Mayank


Confident that our engine troubles were over we hurtled towards Jodhpur at breakneck speed. Our sights set on a rendezvous with a certain mermaid and jaunt around the fort. 60 km into our 330 km trip, ominous signs…a loud clank. Thinking something fell out of the rickshaw we pull over and backtrack. Failing to find anything we shrug it off and carry on. One hour later, disaster strikes! For no apparent reason our rickshaw slows to a halt. In puzzlement we poke around the engine…and then quickly realize we have no idea what we are doing. In desperation we hire a milk merchant to give us a tow to the nearest mechanic.


After nine men fiddle with the rickshaw for twenty minutes or so it is concluded by one of the men that we should see another mechanic. We are then kicked 2km to some roadside beautiful mind mechanic.


Who quite quickly identifies our enormous problem.


Some how our piston exploded!


A major problem but not the sort of problem that isn’t regularly fixed in India except for this day another bandh is in action. For hours our mechanic circles the town looking for someone to repair the piston with no avail. We are distraught, with 200 km to go to Jodhpur and night quickly falling our options are looking sad. Then in a final attempt the mechanic and Mayank find a shop who is able to sell them a new engine head, complete with piston. For a tense hour and a half I watch as the mechanic cleans and rebuilds the engine…the rest of the team goes for haircuts!


At 6 o’clock we are finally ready to go. Dashing mustaches and working engine we tackle six hours of grueling night driving and arrive in Jodhpur at midnight where I am reacquainted with my mermaid…who despite relaxing by the pool all day drinking gin and tonics has nothing but a ear full for me about my late arrival. Tomorrow it is on to the finish line!



First ever Littlewood documented in its natural habitat.

In an extremely fortuitous turn of events, two adventurers stumble upon the near extinct Littlewood in the Rajasthan underbrush. It is believed to last surviving of its kind. Littlewood’s are known to be extremely skittish so the two adventurers were very fortunate to catch it with its guard down.

After a very relaxing two night stop over at Mayank’s very accommodating aunties house in Delhi the mermen set off on their 270km ride to Jaipur.

30 minutes in, disaster strikes. Our acceleration dies on a busy highway and we find ourselves curb crawling at 1mph. But no fear, the mermen are mechanical menaces and get to work at once.


Realizing they actually have no idea what they are doing the mermen send their interpreter (Mayank) back into Delhi to find an actual mechanic and use the spare time roadside to photo shoot the mer-mobile and show off our sexy customizations.

The front lamps have some additional parachute rope attached to not only add some colour but to also hold them onto the rickshaw, since they ripped off the body the day before.


The mascot also provides additional support and flare.


Where Vince hit a TATA truck and where I hit a toll booth fence. Derp.


We installed new side windshield made from cello tape and upper crust sticks.


..and moved the spare tire to the side of the body frame to enable bumper car like racing with TATA trucks.




At last! Only four hours later our savior arrives.


With the mermen’s eyes ever watchful…


We are victorious!

Vince very excited to see our first elephant – and on Ganesh’s birthday too. Perhaps our luck is changing?


Mayank stalling (again) in front of the elephant.


Although making good progress we again find ourselves chasing the sunset, this time of the mountains of Rajasthan.

Darkness falls and Mayank crumbles under the pressure of city driving so resumes his role as chief navigator and Vincent takes the wheel. With some nasty jams in Jaipur and some help from locals..

We finally reach the breathtaking Tai Mahal, a 263 year old palace in Jaipur. The mermen proceed to sink some Hendricks and cucumber, talk markets and then wake up early for a sunrise breakfast in the palace gardens.


330km ride to Jodpur today where the mermen pick up a very special mermaid guest…

– S

We travelled from Kanpur to Agra, with the occasional pit stop for Vince to either vomit or poop in the bushes (he has a serious case of Delhi Belly), and checked into the ITC Mughal hotel, which was an absolutely baller hotel – head cam footage of us entering coming soon.

Ate an epic meal at Peshawari


Next day we were off to see the Taj Mahal. Il keep things short and let the pictures do all the talking.























We left soon after for Delhi, saying our goodbyes to the hotel guards.



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