After suffering the calamity of a broken piston, the mermen took the precarious night road to Jodhpur and were forced to avoid many a-cow – seriously, they sleep on the middle of the highway ‘roads’ at all hours of the night. We were reunited with our mermaid Keiko San

To celebrate the end of our horrible day, we finished an unopened bottle of India’s finest Whiskey. Suffice to say we had a very late start the next day, but decided to visit Jodphur’s Mehrangarh Fort (The Dark Knight Returns was filmed here) – which was something out of Lord of the Rings.

My personal highlight of this trip were the taxi drivers outside the fort who berated Vince and kept saying he looked like Jackie Chan.

Another late start led to another night drive, this time pasts throngs of devotees, walking hundreds of miles in the desert towards a temple.

We finally arrived to our desert palace resort which was eerily empty – think The Shining meets Buckingham Palace.

We celebrated the end of our journey by quickly disposing the hotel of most of its Gin.

In true mermen form, we accidentally stumbled on the Victory Parade for all the Rickshaw Run participants, while sightseeing – we quickly snaked into the parade as if we knew about it all along.

Within a matter of minutes, it started to dawn on us that our adventure was over, 3 weeks of harsh roads, friendly people, freezing rain, wild dogs, sleeping cows and excellent food came to an end. Feelings of acomplishment mixed with sadness that we would have to return to our day jobs – luckily we had an after party to look forward to.

The next day we bid India adieu, the adventure only lasted 3 weeks, but the memories will last forever.

– Mayank