After a very relaxing two night stop over at Mayank’s very accommodating aunties house in Delhi the mermen set off on their 270km ride to Jaipur.

30 minutes in, disaster strikes. Our acceleration dies on a busy highway and we find ourselves curb crawling at 1mph. But no fear, the mermen are mechanical menaces and get to work at once.


Realizing they actually have no idea what they are doing the mermen send their interpreter (Mayank) back into Delhi to find an actual mechanic and use the spare time roadside to photo shoot the mer-mobile and show off our sexy customizations.

The front lamps have some additional parachute rope attached to not only add some colour but to also hold them onto the rickshaw, since they ripped off the body the day before.


The mascot also provides additional support and flare.


Where Vince hit a TATA truck and where I hit a toll booth fence. Derp.


We installed new side windshield made from cello tape and upper crust sticks.


..and moved the spare tire to the side of the body frame to enable bumper car like racing with TATA trucks.




At last! Only four hours later our savior arrives.


With the mermen’s eyes ever watchful…


We are victorious!

Vince very excited to see our first elephant – and on Ganesh’s birthday too. Perhaps our luck is changing?


Mayank stalling (again) in front of the elephant.


Although making good progress we again find ourselves chasing the sunset, this time of the mountains of Rajasthan.

Darkness falls and Mayank crumbles under the pressure of city driving so resumes his role as chief navigator and Vincent takes the wheel. With some nasty jams in Jaipur and some help from locals..

We finally reach the breathtaking Tai Mahal, a 263 year old palace in Jaipur. The mermen proceed to sink some Hendricks and cucumber, talk markets and then wake up early for a sunrise breakfast in the palace gardens.


330km ride to Jodpur today where the mermen pick up a very special mermaid guest…

– S